Rio Brazos Outfitters, Inc.

New Mexico Archery Elk                                                  $8,000
5 days, 6 nights                                           …plus tax and license

New Mexico Rifle Elk                                   $8,500 first rifle hunt
5 days, 6 nights                                $8.000 2nd and 3rd rifle hunt
                                                                    …plus tax and license

New Mexico Antelope                                                      $3,250
3 days                                                       … plus tax and license

New Mexico Mule Deer                                                    $8,000
5 days, 6 nights                                         … plus tax and license

Texas Barbary Sheep                                                        $5,500
3 days, 4 nights                                                                             
NOTE: Barbary Sheep are available as a single-species hunt,or they
can be added as a combination hunt with Whitetail or Mule Deer

All hunts include:
5 days guied hunting 2 on 1
6 nights lodging and meals

Not included are:
New Mexico Sales Tax currently at 6.875% (subject to change)
New Mexico License Fees $634.00 (subject to change)
No Alcohol Provided
Meat Processing & Taxidermy Not Included

**Landowner elk (New Mexico) licenses are guaranteed.